What are napkins used for?

Napkins are a way to accent the table and provide its user with an elegant way to clean up after or during eating. You can use them to wipe your mouth, fingers, and they can be placed over your lap to prevent spilt food from dirtying your clothes. You can set them up on the table prior to eating in an elegant fashion, such as folding them neatly in front or at the side of the dinner plate with cutlery. Waiters may also use napkins over their arms to pour wine or to spot clean tables and glasses.

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Premium napkins.

Adorn your dining tables with our premium linen napkins Australia range - an essential part of any tableware collection for luxury, cleanliness, and style.

What material is best for napkins?

You can discover napkins in a variety of materials, such as cotton, linen, bamboo, and silk. When choosing a napkin, you want to make sure it is strong, has a suitable style for your tableware, and is very absorbent. Linen is perhaps the most popular choice as it has all of these essential qualities in addition to a lovely texture. Our linen napkins are made with high-quality French linen with a pre-washed design for extra softness and strength. Their neutral colours also provide plenty of flexibility when matching with your decor.

What size linen napkins should I buy?

The standard and most popular size of linen napkins are 45cm x 45cm. This size is recommended as it provides enough fabric space to utilise and also gives you more freedom in how you wish to display the napkin on a dining table