Orange Cushions

What colours go well with orange cushions?

We suggest neutral tones like white, brown, and burgundy to complement orange cushions for a harmonious display. Alternatively, you can contrast with a more wild colour scheme with blues, purples, pinks, and greens that give a more exotic and creative aesthetic. These cushions can be clustered together within a setting, such as the living room, or propped on your bed to accent its layers.

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Orange colour cushions.

Splash some warm colours in your home with our gorgeous collection of premium Orange Cushions Australia.

What is the most popular shade of orange?

There are many different shades of orange that you can experiment with inside the house. These include caramel, coral, peach, terracotta, brandy, umber, apricot, and marigold. However, the most popular shade of orange would likely be brandy as a darker orange, terracotta for a medium tone, and marigold as a brighter orange. If you'd like a balanced contrast, we suggest a more neutral orange shade such as terracotta or a light pastel peach orange, which can effortlessly adapt to many colour schemes. Peach cushions are particularly appealing in a home focusing on pastel tones.

What does the colour orange symbolise?

Orange is the colour of energy, warmth, and enthusiasm. Often used to draw people's attention in various lifestyle elements and a natural shade of Autumn, orange certainly uplifts a warm, homey feeling that you can feel delighted by in the bedroom or living room. It reminds us of the sun, joy, and creativity - perfect for accenting the home and wherever comfort is essential.

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