Organic Cotton

Organic cotton differs from regular cotton because it is more natural and unrefined. The cotton used in these products does not have any potentially dangerous chemicals or pigments in them, minimizing risks such as allergic reactions. Not only that, but organic cotton also has less CO2e than regular cotton. It is more comfortable, hypoallergenic, and has better performance; therefore, it is more sought after.

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Organic cotton bedding range.

Sleep in the most natural and comfortable way with our Organic Cotton Australia range, including quilt covers, pillowcases, and sheets.

Is organic cotton cool?

Organic cotton can be cool for hot weather with its breathable design and its ability to draw moisture away from your body. It does this by trapping air between the natural fibres, thus keeping your body cool and relaxed. Similarly, it can keep you warm during winter weather by retaining the heat from your body efficiently and effortlessly. Its weatherproof design is also reliable against ongoing bacteria and moisture.

Is organic cotton more comfortable?

You will find that organic cotton bedding is much more comfortable due to its more gentle feeling and hypoallergenic qualities. You can sleep without worrying about itching, allergic reactions, and other irritations. It's also incredibly cosy because it can wick away moisture from your skin for better temperature regulation, and its durability will make it a cherished part of your sleeping routine for many years. This collection features products that only use certified organic cotton, but you can always double-check with the brand or product description to confirm the use of organic cotton material.

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