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Oven Mitts & Pot Holders

What are oven mitts and pot holders used for?

Both an oven mitt and pot holder are padded with sturdy material for the most efficient heat protection. An oven mitt is essential for grabbing any hot pan or dish from your oven, while a pot holder can be placed underneath hot pans and plates to protect any surface. Whether you’re moving pots in the kitchen or bringing hot plates to the dinner table, oven mitts and pot holders are essential to protecting yourself from burns and your home’s surfaces from heat damage.


Cooking requires a lot of focus, and sometimes when there’s a lot going on in the kitchen, you run the risk of hurting yourself or damaging surfaces with hot pans and dishes. With a great pair of oven mitts or oven gloves and a durable pot holder, you’ll be able to master safety in the kitchen.

What is the best material for an oven mitt and pot holder?

Oven mitts and pot holders should be made with fabrics that allow for the most protection and easy handling. Woven with cotton and eco-recycled materials, Australia’s Manchester Warehouse offers high-quality oven mitts and pot holders that are incredibly heat resistant, comfortable for use, and aesthetic in design. Spills are another dangerous mishap in the kitchen, so slip-resistant silicone oven mitts and pot holders come in handy here, and they’re even more heat resistant than cotton oven mitts. Check out our Professional Silicone Oven Mitts, with a sophisticated touch of cotton for your comfort.

How often should I wash my oven mitt or pot holder?

With frequent use, oven mitts or oven gloves and pot holders are bound to get greasy and stained. Wash them at least once a week, with a cold machine wash, normal spin, and an effective stain remover. Avoid bleach, wash them with similar colours, and air dry them for best results. For silicone mitts, spot clean with a damp cloth and use baking soda to help remove tough stains.