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Patterned Sheets

How do I choose the best patterned sheets for me?

Choosing the right patterned sheets comes down to your personal preferences and bedroom decor. Consider the type of fabric, if you have any brand preferences, what colours you like, if your bedroom decor would look good with patterns, and more. Manchester Warehouse stocks a wide variety of different patterned sheets, so there are plenty to browse for your interests. There are subtle pattern styles, such as the Laura Ashley Tierney design or the Linen House Lifestyle Goldie design. If you prefer something a little bolder, perhaps a striped pattern, florals, or geometric patterns are more your style. In terms of fabric, we recommend taking a look at what suits the climate and your skin the best.


Break up the simplicity in the bedroom with one of our gorgeous patterned sheets Australia, available in a delightful range of styles and colours.

How do I decorate my room with patterned sheets?

When decorating your room with patterned bed sheets, it's important to keep a few things in mind. Patterns always look best when set against a solid colour background or setting. For example, if you have a plain rug, carpet flooring, headboard, wallpaper, or simple furnishings around the bedroom, adding patterned sheets will help them stand out more prominently against the surroundings. Similarly, keep the colour palette of your entire bedroom in mind as well, so you don't clash unattractive contrasts. With rose patterned sheets, for example, you may want to use softer tones and vice versa with darker tones. Browse our range of Bed Sheets for more options.