Pink Quilt and Doona Covers

What is the most popular shade of pink in quilt covers?

As softer and more relaxed shades are continuing to trend, the most popular shades of pink in quilt covers include blush and mauve. These two tones feature a remarkably soft pink that pairs beautifully with neutral and white decor. You can pair these with the same shade of pillows or work with other white and soft shades of pink accordingly. For those who prefer a bold approach to bedroom decor, you can try smokey rose or even a patterned variant that combines florals with many different varieties of pink. In Manchester Warehouse's pink quilt cover collection, you'll discover many unique styles that include all of these shades, patterns, and more.

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Pink quilt and doona covers.

Pink portrays a feeling of kindness, love, femininity, and peace, making it a popular choice for a woman's bedroom. Our pink quilt covers Australia offer a brilliant range to decorate the bedroom with a beautiful splash of colour.

What colour goes well with a pink quilt cover?

Depending on whether you decide on a soft pink or a dark, bold pink shade, there are many colours that go well with a pink quilt cover. A blush pink quilt cover, for example, can pair beautifully with white and subtle soft accents such as yellow but can also be contrasted with mildly darker pink tones. A smokey rose shade looks stunning with blush, white, or even grey. You could also create a floral-themed colour palette by combining pink with green, olive, yellow, and beige accents. Keep things simple with solid colours, or if you prefer more creativity, try one of our beautiful patterns by iconic brands.

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