What is the point of a placemat?

Placemats provide a barrier between the table and plates, bowls, cups, and more. This prevents water, heat, and food from marking or staining the table. They often come in a variety of designs to decorate the dining table just as much as protecting it. Some businesses may even use them as a way to showcase a menu or display advertisements. The placemats available on Manchester Warehouse have a more elegant and luxurious style in mind.

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Manchester Warehouse placemats Australia are quality, practical, and decorative accents for the dining table at home, with various styles to suit your decor.

What size are most placemats?

There are usually different sizes of placemats to accommodate specific tableware. However, most rectangular placements are sized around 33x45cm, and round placemats are 38cm. This provides enough space for the bowl or plate as well as additional cutlery or utensils. You can use them to eat from your own plate or to serve up dishes at the centre of the table.

Should I get round or square placemats?

The choice between round or square placemats depends on a few factors. For example, if your table is square-shaped, it is recommended to get a seamless and neat display with matching square placemats. Similarly, if your table is oval or round shaped, opt for round placemats. Not only does this look more aesthetic, but it also ensures there are no overlapping placemats when setting them out. You may also need to consider the style of tableware you use, such as square or round dinner plates.