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Plain Quilt and Doona Covers

What are plain dye quilt covers?

Plain dye quilt covers are designed using a simple, plain dye that focuses on one solid colour rather than blending several in a patterned sense. This plain style is the most effortless style to work with when decorating the bedroom and can be complimented in various ways.


Keep it simple in the bedroom with our large collection of Plain Quilt and Doona Covers to browse.

How do I choose the best plain quilt cover for me?

At Manchester Warehouse, we have an extensive range of plain quilt covers available for purchase by many unique brands. With that comes a broad selection of fabrics and different colours and subtle patterns that stick to the "plain" theme. Vintage Design Homewares, Indulgence, Ardor Boudoir, Bianca, Bambury, and Linen House Lifestyle are just some of the many brands offering plain quilt cover designs, each with their unique touch. Choose a plain quilt cover with colour, texture, and style that appeals to you and compliments your bedroom the most.

How do you decorate your room with plain quilt covers?

Plain doesn't have to mean boring. This style can be pleasant and aesthetic when used correctly. By utilising plain quilt covers, you have the creative ability to elevate the rest of the bedroom with contrasting accents and colours or keep the entire area simple and sophisticated for a neutral vibe. With this in mind, compliment your plain quilt cover with plain cushions or splash some contrasting colours together for an eye-popping expression. The plain style also looks stunning with neutral wallpapers and flooring such as bamboo and light or dark carpets.

At Manchester Warehouse we stock plain quilt cover from a range of leading brands in various sizes and colours, you can check our complete quilt covers in case you need more.