Purple Cushions

How do you style purple cushions?

Purple cushions can be placed on your bed, an armchair, a couch, and even your patio. You can use them to highlight floral themes or other chic and feminine décor. At Manchester Warehouse, we carry a variety of purple and plum cushions from Aura, Bambury, Linen House, MM Linen, Bianca, and Bedding House. These purple cushions range in style, from floral, to fringe, velvet, and teddy fabric, leaving you with many different ways to incorporate purple into your décor.

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Purple cushions.

Make your home look like modern-day royalty with purple cushions! Purple is a colour that creates a magical ambience and makes the perfect accent for any of your furniture. At Manchester Warehouse, you will find a variety of styles of purple and plum cushions to fill your home with.

What colours go well with purple cushions?

Purple or plum cushions match beautifully with a variety of colours. Some of the best purple combinations include lilac and blue, eggplant and dark blue, purple and light green, plum and brown, dark purple and stone, purple and dark grey, and purple and tan.

How do I choose the best purple cushions?

You can style your purple cushions in so many ways, but the textures and patterns you choose also impact your design visions. If you want a fringy, velvety purple cushion that screams chic, check out this Bedding House fringy cushion. Check out this plum Linen House cushion if you want an intricate textured pattern to add a classy pop. For another cushions colour options you can browse them here.