Purple Quilt and Doona Covers

What colour goes well with a purple quilt cover?

Purple is often reminiscent of flowers, so it makes sense to choose a purple quilt cover that is patterned with florals or is complemented by other blossoming shades such as pink, blue, and yellow. Be sure to keep the same tones together - for example, use soft, relaxed tones like pastel purple and pink together, and bold shades with other dark tones. This is important to maintain a sense of harmony within the bedroom setting. Remember, it's your bedroom so that you can get creative with it! Keep in mind that this is a space where you will go to sleep and feel relaxed, so design accordingly to how you feel with these purple doona covers. If you feel like giving a tranquil and feminine touch to the bedroom, purple is a wonderful choice.

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Purple quilt and doona covers.

Beautiful, elegant, and feminine, purple has remained a favourite colour choice for quilt covers over many years. Our purple quilt cover sets come in a diverse range of brands, fabrics, and styles to accent your bed.

What is the most popular shade of purple in a quilt cover?

Lilac is the most popular purple shade for quilt covers, famed for its soft, relaxed, and beautiful tone. However, others may opt for a shade of purple that is more bold and extravagant, such as aubergine, amethyst, or indigo. There are many other soft purple shades to decide with, including orchid, bloom, and soft plum. At Manchester Warehouse, we have many varieties of purple quilt covers to browse, most notably ones that are patterned and contrasted with other shades such as white or pink. Need more options? Go check our wide range of quilt and doona covers for more options.