Rectangle Cushions

Make your house feel more like a home with beautifully designed rectangle cushions. At Manchester Warehouse, you will find a wide variety of decorative rectangular cushions from your favourite brands. The right rectangle cushion cover designs add the perfect finishing touches for your living spaces or bedrooms. The best part is – there are so many ways you can style them!

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Rectangle cushions.

How do you style and decorate with rectangle cushions?

The rectangle cushions you choose for your home can transform the whole aesthetic into something new, so if you’re looking for a low-budget revamp, finding some new rectangular cushions are the best way to do it. If you want to add a cozier touch to your living space, try this multi-textured, multi-coloured, and striped Linen House Filled Cushion. For a simple colour paired with a bold design, try the Solange Filled Cushion in paprika. Want to bring a rainforest theme to life? Check out this gorgeously designed Cantaloupe Jaguar Filled Cushion.

How to choose the best rectangle cushions for you?

There is a lot of flexibility in designing a room with rectangle cushions, as a variety of different colours and styles can fit any one theme. If you’re revamping for a more modern look, try out some new textures and colours you haven’t decorated with before. At Manchester Warehouse, you will find everything from floral, tropical, bohemian, and rainforest themes to simple solid colours and modern geometric designs for your rectangular cushion covers. So if you’re looking for specific themes and styles, our wide collection of cushions offer many options to choose from.