Sheridan Quilt and Doona Covers

How do I choose the best Sheridan quilt covers for me?

Sheridan is well-known and admired for its remarkable quality and passion for giving its customers only the best. They also have a strong emphasis on sustainability and outstanding crafting techniques. Regardless of the Sheridan quilt covers that you opt for, you won't be let down when it comes to optimal sleep and a delightful bedroom atmosphere. Style Millenia is a particular favourite with its hotel-style quality and sophistication. Being in the business for over 50 years, Sheridan proves that they know how to tick every box. These Sheridan quilt cover set designs to bring you a sensation of luxury and comfort like no other, not to mention the robust strength that will last a considerable amount of time if cared for properly. Whether it's a deluxe or a more relaxed style, you will wake up each morning feeling totally blissful.

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Sheridan quilt & doona covers.

Enjoy sleeping in the most beautiful, comfortable, and luxurious way possible with Sheridan Doona Covers - perfectly suited to any lifestyle.

What are other Sheridan products available at Manchester Warehouse?

With its staple trends and sophisticated designs, brand Sheridan has a special place in our hearts. Browse more of their range at Manchester Warehouse in addition to their Sheridan quilt cover designs, including beach towels, sheet sets, bath towels, and pillowcases, to match your exclusive lifestyle, with more products and new launches added regularly. If you'd like to see other quilt cover options or the entire range, head to the Sheridan Brand section and our Quilt and Doona Covers collections.