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How do I choose the best Sheridan sheets for me?

With Sheridan, it's hard to get your sheets wrong. These Sheridan bed sheets express luxury and invite you to remarkable comfort with their premium designs, perfectly accenting a wide range of doona covers and bedroom themes. The Hotel Luxury cotton design Sheridan sheets are particularly admired for their comparison to a 5-star hotel sleeping experience. These come in two colours of dove or snow - both match effortlessly with a variety of colour shades, making them a versatile choice. You can complement their elegant luxury with other classy accents or create a more casual scene with neutral contrasts. All of Sheridan's bedding products make a confident choice for the bedroom with their premium craftsmanship and dedication to optimal sleep. These Sheridan sheets will help calmy lull anyone, to sleep.

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Sheridan sheets.

Explore the Sheridan sheets range to invoke a sense of luxury and sophistication in your bedroom. This brand is determined to deliver the best-quality sleep with premium bedding products, passionately designed and made for your complete satisfaction.

What are other Sheridan products available at Manchester Warehouse?

Aside from the Sheridan bed sheets range, Manchester Warehouse features an entire range of Sheridan Brand products that are equal in quality and aesthetics. This includes beach towels, bath towels, quilt and doona covers, and pillowcases to match. You may also want to take a look at our much larger Sheets collection so that your choices aren't limited, though we think you will fall in love with these Sheridan sheets!