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Sheridan Towels

Sheridan towels are not just known for their incredible softness and absorbency. Sheridan beach towels also come in vibrant colours and patterns so you can be geared up for a beach day without sacrificing style. Made with luxurious cotton, Sheridan beach towels will take care of everything you need on a messy beach day, while their lively colours paired with simple patterns keep the beach fun alive. Manchester Warehouse offers the perfect options for Sheridan beach towels.


How do I choose the best Sheridan towels for me?

When you’re shopping online for Sheridan towels, make sure to think about high quality as much as the colours and patterns you would like for your home. Whatever designs you pick, high-quality, upcycled cotton yarns are guaranteed in every Sheridan towel. This high-quality fabric is just as important to consider choosing a beach towel.

Sheridan towels sale offer both the high absorbency and softness of the cotton beach towel, with beautiful and unique designs to go with it. At Manchester Warehouse, you can find the Seacliff Sheridan towel in sky blue and beach sunset colours. For a more colourfully unique towel, the Fiesta Cancun towel is unmatched. Check out our collections oh Bath Towels for more options!

What are other Sheridan products available at Manchester Warehouse?

At Manchester Warehouse, you’ll find beautiful, high-quality Sheridan beach towels, along with tailored pillowcases in various sizes and a simple quilt cover with extreme comfort and durability. Both pillows and quilt covers are made with superior long staple cotton and offer a soft feeling so incredible; sleep would never feel better.