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Single Size Electric Blankets

Why use an electric blanket single?

Single beds are used by one person - therefore, you may not be getting heat from a nearby partner. Furthermore, if you live in a cold climate or simply prefer a warmer single bed, a single electric blanket is recommended. Integrated heating wires spread throughout the blanket in targeted locations for consistent warmth. This can be fully controlled via the remote on the cord, which connects to a nearby outlet. You can set it to your desired heat and switch it on/off at will, giving you greater flexibility over your comfort preferences.


When you need that extra support for warmth, our Single Electric Blankets make all the difference. These are perfect for especially colder climates and those who admire consistent heat throughout the night.

What size is a single electric blanket?

The size of a single electric blanket may vary slightly according to the brand or style. However, their size is typically 91cm x 193cm + 41cm. This ensures a snug fit on the single bed it is made for.

Can I use a single electric blanket on a double bed?

It is not ideal to use a single bed electric blanket on a double bed. Not only will it be too small, but you won't get the evenly dispersed heat that it was made for. These blankets should fit firmly around the bed, and as such, a single won't fit on a double. Regardless if there are one or two people sleeping in this size bed, for the best comfort and warmth results, you should stick to the appropriate corresponding sizes.