Sleep Masks

What is the purpose of a sleep mask?

A sleep mask is used to cover your eyes and is secured via the strap around your head. This blocks out light and other potentially distracting factors that may disrupt your sleep or make it difficult to fall asleep. Artificial light can cause hormonal imbalances, so using a sleep mask can prevent this. Furthermore, if you find yourself struggling to keep your eyes shut to fall asleep, a sleep mask can assist with keeping your eyes closed beneath.

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Sleep masks.

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How do I choose a sleep mask?

Always choose a sleep mask with full soft fabric coverage - not just on the eye area but also over the elastic band for a comfortable fit. It should be incredibly soft and smooth to help you fall asleep faster, not the opposite. Padding in the eye area is also recommended to create cushioning between your eyes and the mask, therefore preventing irritation. The mask should be elasticized so that it can fit around your head properly without causing discomfort.

Is silk good for a sleep mask?

Silk is an ideal fabric choice for a good, cosy sleep mask and perhaps the most popular due to its lightweight design and gentleness on the skin. A silk sleep mask also creates a compelling layer to block out the surrounding light. It glides onto your face smoothly and securely, simultaneously masking your eyes while remaining comfortable for long periods.