Square Cushions

How do you style and decorate with square cushions?

The beauty of square cushions is that they can be utilised in many different ways. To decorate your bed, an armchair, a yoga space, or even to give as a gift. We have a lovely selection of premium square cushion designs from reputable brands like Linen House Lifestyle, Bianca, and Bambury, offering unique patterns, gorgeous colours, and various fabrics. You can style with several square cushions in one particular space or place one distinct design to emphasise its creativity against more simple pillows on a bed, for example. A square cushion can also be placed near a rectangular one for a geometric contrast or to create a background surface.

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Square size cushions.

Square cushions can elevate any setting with a decorative aspect as well as a comfortable touch, perfect for the bedroom, living room, and more.

How to choose the best square cushions for you?

Consider the colour and decor scheme first when choosing the best square cushions for your home or a setting. The various designs in this collection may appeal to certain styles, such as bohemian, sophisticated, trendy, Hamptons, elegant, and luxurious. The Bambury Stewart design, for example, would be perfect for simple, sophisticated spaces, while the intricate Sosa design with its creative texture would work well as a bohemian influence. With its sleek, silky look, the Bianca Lucinda style is a lovely elegant accent for luxurious spaces. If you need more inspiration, browsing this collection and the product photos will help you determine what matches your current decor scheme best.

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