Standard Pillowcases

What size is a standard pillowcase Australia?

Though this can vary, the standard pillowcase size in Australia is 50cm x 75cm. You may also find some that are 48cm x 73cm, depending on the brand and style. This matches a standard pillow - you should always check the exact dimensions of your standard pillow before purchasing your desired standard pillowcase. Most of the designs available on Manchester Warehouse offer pairs for two pillows.

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Does a king pillow fit a standard pillowcase?

A pillowcase standard size is best suited to a standard pillow, perfect for standard and queen-sized beds. However, if you want to give your pillows a more "fluffed" appeal, opting for a larger pillowcase will help accomplish this. If you want to put a smaller pillowcase on a larger pillow, it may help breathe some life back into an older pillow. A new king pillow won't fit inside a standard pillowcase, and we suggest avoiding trying this as you may damage the pillowcase itself while trying to put it on. While king pillows typically have the same length as a standard, they are wider and require a different-sized pillowcase.

What style of standard pillowcase should I get?

With so many unique standard pillowcase styles, it can be hard to find the perfect one. We suggest considering your current bedroom decor and colour scheme - we have a variety of designs available here on our website, including pastel colours, tufted ends, stripes, geometry, elegant, elaborate, textured, and more styles browse.