Stripe Cushion

How do I choose the best striped cushions?

To choose the best stripe cushion for your needs, consider the colour palette and style of your home. This collection features numerous striped cushion colours and patterns, such as large, bold, thin, subtle, rectangular, square, and boho styles by top brands Paloma Living and Aura. These unique designs create exclusive expressions to complement your home perfectly. Stripes aside, cushions can add remarkable comfort and support to your relaxing hours of the day - prop one up behind you on the sofa as you watch television or position it at the front of your pillows on the bed to complete the bedroom style.

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Stripe cushion.

As a timeless style that started many years ago, our Striped Cushions are a staple choice for the house with their striking contrast and fun aesthetic.

How do I style my striped cushions?

Whether it's to add more comfort to the living room, accent the armchair, or dress up your bedroom appeal, these stripe cushion designs are definitive choices to add a creative and aesthetic touch. The Paloma Living Jacquard Stripe cushions, for example, are beautifully decorated with their tassel ends, minimal stripes, and subtle details for a beachy or bohemian look, while the Linen Stripe Cushions are a more classic choice that complements any scene. If you are searching for a pattern to spice up the look of your home, choosing a striped cushion is an easy way to do it. Browse our Cushions collection for more inspiration when styling and creating a comfortable space for guests and yourself.