Tablecloths & Runners

What is the purpose of a table runner?

A table runner can mean the difference between a dull and beautiful table. Despite being a simple addition, it gives the table more texture, colour, and a unique aesthetic. Furthermore, table runners can add a protective layer over your dining table when spills, food, and heat may otherwise damage it. You can place hot dishes, glasses, and even candles across the table runner, ensuring it won't visibly harm or degrade the table's surface.

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Should a table runner hang over the table?

Typically, table runners will hang over the table in an effort to appear elegant. The ends of table runners sometimes have a fringed or decorative effect that is better displayed when hanging over the table. This is recommended at about 15cm but shouldn't go past the tablecloth if there is one beneath. There are some designs that are made to stay on the table, though, and ultimately, the length and style are completely up to personal preference!

Can you wash table runners?

Due to table runners and tablecloths being used regularly, and for some daily, it is important to keep them clean and fresh. You can spot-clean the most noticeable areas of concern, but you should give them a deep clean at least every month. You should never bleach, dry clean, soak, or wring table runners. Use a warm, gentle machine wash with liquid detergent, wash with similar colours, and line dry in the shade for the best maintenance.