Textured Cushions

What are textured cushions?

Textured cushions are cushions designed in such a way that gives the user a sensual experience through touch. They usually have several textures combined to give them a unique surface, such as a raised pattern. Textures can also help create beautiful, prominent designs and these cushions are sometimes complemented by tassel decorations or fringes.

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Texture cushions.

Add necessary texture to the living room or bedroom with our luxurious Textured Cushions Australia range, bringing comfort wherever they are placed.

How do I choose the best-textured cushions for me?

Choose texture cushions that feature a complementary colour palette for your home decor scheme. Alternatively, you can opt for a textured cushion that delivers a striking contrast to the setting, such as bold colours or eccentric patterns. We offer a variety of brands and designs at Manchester Warehouse, such as Aura, Linen House Lifestyle, Bianca, Bambury, and Private Collection, in addition to our broad Cushions range. You can discover fringed, tassel, velvety, woven, abstract, geometric, striped, tufted, and white textured cushions.

How do I decorate my room with textured cushions?

To decorate your room with textured cushions, whether the living room, bedroom, or even your private meditative space, we suggest layering them with basic or other textured cushions for a more aesthetic look. You can make the textured details stand out more when you place a basic cushion behind them, for example, or play around with the colours for a creative and playful display. Position them on an armchair, sofa, bed, chair, or even on the floor with a rug.