Throw Blankets

What is a throw blanket?

As its name suggests, a "throw" blanket is a type of blanket that isn't fitted to a bed but instead "thrown" over it as an extra top layer. It is typically smaller than a standard blanket and can be used on a bed, sofa, chair, and more. This isn't merely for warmth and comfort; although those are two very good reasons to use one but they are also admired for their touch of contrasting or complimenting colour/texture.

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Throw blankets.

These premium throw blankets will add a subtle yet necessary touch of warmth, comfort, and style to any relaxing area - the bedroom, living room, study, and more.

How do I choose a throw blanket for my bed?

You have complete creative freedom over choosing a throw blanket for your bed, but your decision may come down to a few factors. First of all, you want to look for a premium quality throw blanket Australia that offers durability as well as style and comfort, which Manchester Warehouse provides. Then, you should consider the type of fabric you want, which comes down to how warm you'd like it to be. Finally, opt for a style that goes well with your bedroom or living room decor.

Are throw blankets warm?

Throw blankets may vary in warmth depending on which fabric or design you choose. Typically, throw blankets will give warmth as well as style to the bed. The design you decide on may depend on the climate, your heating preferences, and other factors. They can add an extra layer of warmth on top of your current bedding layout if necessary, and many will also use them to complement an armchair or sofa, which you can use during cold nights while watching a movie or enjoying the company.