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Why choose Tommy Bahama?

If you have always dreamed of going to the Bahamas or living the island life, Tommy Bahama Australia invites you to experience that same feeling at your home in the bedroom. Each of their designs reflects that perfect island sensation, thanks to their unique craftsmanship and artistic talent. Furthermore, their products are produced with a sense of timelessness and durability to help them feel at home today and many years from now. To complement their island-focused goal, their designs are also made sustainably with natural fibres, therefore helping to preserve life all over - including on islands.


Take a break and imagine yourself on an island with Tommy Bahama Australia - a brand focused on quality comfort, sustainability, and relaxation above all else with their dreamy patterns and island-influenced theme.

What Tommy Bahama products are available at Manchester Warehouse?

Tommy Bahama presents a gorgeous range of Bahamas-inspired designs, including cushions and quilt cover sets, some of which can be paired together. Some designs are more natural and simple with solid colours, while others feature extravagant designs that encourage you to relax as if resting by the beach or in a jungle setting. Their individual cushions can effortlessly complement a bedroom, living room, or office with their relaxing designs.

How do I style Tommy Bahama products?

Tommy Bahama Australia has designs that beautifully complement neutral spaces, such as colours like beige, cream, soft blue, white, and a splash of green. Picture yourself in a jungle or beachside villa, and we recommend styling the bedroom around these concepts. Bamboo furnishings or nearby botanicals would also look perfect with these designs.

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