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Velvet Quilt Cover

Is velvet good for a doona cover?

A velvet quilt cover set is never a bad choice with its wonderfully soft feeling, elegant display, and luxurious experience. It has a classic and timeless aesthetic that pairs well with virtually any other fabric, from cotton sheets and a wool blanket to carpet or hardwood flooring. A velvet doona cover can also come in many different and unique designs, such as the ones at Manchester Warehouse. Brands like Linen House Lifestyle, MM Linen, Vintage Design Homewares, Logan and Mason Platinum, and more offer velvet quilt cover designs to elevate the bedroom.


So soft it'll make you relaxed in seconds, our Velvet Quilt & Doona Covers collection combines all of the most reputable and high-quality velvet designs on the market.

Are velvet doona covers hot?

Due to the heavy nature of a velvet quilt cover, they are widely recommended for use during the cooler months, such as winter and autumn - not to mention that the velvety texture lends a lovely visual aesthetic to these months. They are warm, durable, and drape beautifully across the bed as a decorative accent, making it both a stylish and functional choice. If you're looking for a different type of quilt cover, we suggest browsing our entire quilt covers range.

How to wash a velvet quilt cover?

You can safely wash a velvet doona cover according to the manufacturer's guidelines. However, typically you will use a cold machine wash with similar colours as a rule of thumb. It is never recommended to soak, bleach, tumble dry, or dry clean your velvet quilt cover set to prevent it from losing its quality.