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White Pillowcases

How can you decorate with your white pillowcase?

Decorating with white pillowcases may seem simple, but they can actually add a very classy or romantic ambience to any room. For European pillows, you can choose from various textured white pillowcases to add to their elegance. Choose from our collections of delicately embroidered white European pillowcases, or opt for a Turkish tile-inspired design. You can even add depth with this white and off-white checkerboard pattern.


If you’re looking for simple, elegant and comfortable pillowcases, you can’t go wrong with white pillowcases. At Manchester Warehouse, you will find a variety of white pillowcases for sleeping pillows and European pillows.

Why do white pillowcases turn yellow overtime?

White pillowcases turn yellow overtime for a variety of reasons:

1. Overtime, our body sweat can soak through the fabric as we sleep and cause pillowcases to turn yellow. Washing pillowcases more often would help prevent this from happening as quickly.

2.Chronic exposure to sunlight can also cause white pillowcases to turn yellow because sunlight breaks down whitening agents often used in manufactured white fabrics.

3.The fabric in white pillowcases naturally oxidizes overtime because fibres are exposed to oxygen. This results in grey or yellow fibres.

How often should you wash white pillowcases?

Pillowcases white colour is more prone to discolouration, so it’s best to wash them at least once a week for optimal longevity. Be sure to wash only with other whites in a gentle machine wash. Spot treat any stains with some baking soda and white vinegar.