White Towels

Why is white a great choice for your bath towel?

White is a great choice for bath towels due to how versatile and luxurious they are. You can get very creative in the bathroom with the other decorative elements while using a white towel as a neutral and balancing tone. Contrast vibrant hues against its relaxing tone or keep the scene relaxed and tranquil with softer shades. Match virtually any colour with its versatile aesthetic. Decorations aside, white towels are also a practical choice due to their easy maintenance. They are very easy to clean and can be washed more thoroughly compared to coloured towels, which require more delicate care. If you are looking for different colours, browse our entire Bath Towels range!

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White colour towels.

When in doubt, white is a definitive choice for all home accents. Our White Towels flaunt their fluffy, soft, and pleasant experience through their bright and elevating aesthetic, perfect for any bathroom.

How do I keep my towels white?

There are different ways homeowners may clean their white towels, but you should always stick to the brand care guidelines. Typically, you will want to wash your white towel collection with a hot machine wash followed by a warm tumble dry and only mild bleach if required. If necessary, the bleach you use should not contain a chlorine or oxidising base. Remember to wash dark colours separately, which is very important to prevent stains and to keep them white. There is no need to dry clean them - if you follow the proper care instructions, you will keep your towels feeling fluffy, luxurious, and, most importantly, white!