Yellow Cushions

What other colours look good with yellow cushions?

As such a vibrant and joyful colour, it's important not to dull the effects of yellow's warmth by choosing colours that go well with it. These could include light and bright colour schemes like teal and citrine greens, soft pinks, or even silver. Alternatively, you can get more creative with some grey, hues of blue, or even black as a significant contrast to show off the appeal of yellow. Some of our yellow cushions also come in darker variants like mustard cushions, sunburst cushions, or gold. Depending on the room and your current decor style, these could vary.

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Yellow cushions.

With their warm, lively hues, our Premium Yellow Cushions are a great choice for complementing the comfort of your home, whether you are styling a bed, armchair, or sofa.

What does the colour yellow symbolise?

The colour of the sun, gold, summer, sunflowers, and warmth, yellow is a truly humble and joyful colour. It symbolises happiness, optimism, imagination, hope, and friendship, making it a brilliant choice to liven up the look of your home, as both comforting and decorative in accessories. It's a colour that can immediately bring a smile to your face.

What is the most popular yellow colour?

When you want a yellow accent to be as vibrant and noticeable as possible, the sunburst is a popular yellow choice. Lately, the mustard yellow tone has been a common trend for its reference to groovy interiors of the 1970s, as well as banana and golden yellow. The gold tone is iconic for its luxurious, antique vibe.

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