What You Need to Know Before Buying a Round Cushion


12th March 2023

You’ve probably seen them in home and lifestyle magazines- giving sofas, ottomans, and lounges an interesting flair. Round cushions are a classic component in the home styling scene, and can add flairs of colour, texture and contrast to your home with a more organic shape than square cushions.

A round cushion or two can instantly transform the look of your sofa, seats and bed with minimal effort and cost. But before you buy them for your home, we suggest you go through this guide to avoid going around in circles trying to pick the right ones.

Determine How Many You Need

You might buy more than your space needs if you don’t get your quantity right. Before you hit the retail store, check how many round cushions can fit in (without overstuffing your couches) and blend well with the rest of your current cushions.

Are you buying round cushions to replace existing ones? Or jazzing up your sofa by building on what you now have? Clarify your goal and determine how many you need to buy. Also, a combination of square and round cushions will offer a blended, contemporary look, whereas a group of only round cushions will offer a quirky, modern spin within your home.

No Need to Overspend

Lovely cushions with a luxurious feel don’t have to be expensive. Round cushion prices can range from low to high based on the brand, fabric, filling, and design. Ultimately, you will want to find cushions that suit your lifestyle, such as ones with easy-care, machine-washable covers for a household with lots of pets.

If you love the texture of linen, there are a number of similar fabric options that mimic the organic, grainy texture of linen, and come without the great expense of authentic french flax linen. Linen blend, washed cotton and even hessian make great, affordable dupes for the organic presence of linen home accessories.


Check Specifications

Not all round cushions are created equal. You’ll want to do some research for the best brands that offer the most sustainable practices, as well as have strict levels of quality they meet with all their products. Check specifications like fabric and filler material, size, dye material, and care instructions. Pick the round cushion that ticks all the right boxes depending on your preferred interior look, lifestyle, and available space.

Don’t compromise comfort for style, and vice versa. Find cushions with substance and form in one neat, round package.

Choose the Right Size

Cushion sizes don’t have to be uniform. A mix of various sizes adds flair and a playful and cosy feel to your sofa or chaise. It also creates depth and dimension when you layer a round cushion or two with smaller or larger boxy, structured cushions.

Big cushions can overwhelm your sitting space and engulf your couch, making it less comfortable and appealing, so balance it with varying cushion sizes. Remember, a cushion’s role is to make sitting easy and relaxing, and to add balance to your style, adding in more colour or making spaces feel less empty and cold.

Play with Textures, Shapes, and Colours

Create a visually attractive blend of textures, colours, and patterns to show your creative, playful side. You can mix and match square and rectangle cushions with a round cushion of complementing patterns and colours based on a palette or theme.

You may also opt for some bright-coloured cotton round cushions and place them side by side with a satin or wool cushion with neutral tones for an elegant pop of colour!


The Round Cushion Factor

Adding a round cushion to your lounge helps soften your living room landscape. With the right combination and styling of cushion elements, you can create a chic, eclectic ensemble that easily upgrades your home interiors without much heavy lifting. A round cushion that’s stylish and snug can do the trick.