How to Give Your Home a Luxurious Look You Can Afford


16th March 2023

Luxury does not necessarily have to mean costly. With a few simple tweaks, you can incorporate a sense of high-end living in your home without spending a fortune.

All it takes is a bit of creativity and a great guide to installing a look of luxury with a few well-placed, thoroughly considered items.

Want to give your home interiors a facelift but are constrained by your budget? Here are some ideas to consider.

Elegance is Essential

Elegance is a central theme of this luxury interior design guide. It's not about rules but insights you can tailor-fit to suit your taste and lifestyle. Elegance means something that's tastefully executed. It is graceful and pleasing to the eye.

No matter what design aesthetic you’re going for coastal, scandi, bohemian, regal, urban, country or eclectic, an elegant appeal can be created within each.

It doesn't have to be perfect. The key is to make your home look effortlessly cosy and admirable, leaving a lasting impression.

Here is what you can do!

Update Some Pieces

Start with making an inventory of all the furniture pieces you have. Based on your design goal, you can make some changes by adding new furniture, discarding old ones, or replacing a few key items.

Your sofa may seem dated, but if you can't afford a new one now, you can DIY and transform its look from drab to fab without spending a lot. Try draping a fabric or cover protector over it, changing the pillows, or reupholstering it. Adding luxurious touches to a room can be achieved easily by adding velvet cushions on your sofa.


Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

Freshness, warmth, and space in your home are modern luxuries, especially in a time with much denser living, uniform housing development areas, and the rising costs of renovations. Let natural light and air in by drawing back curtains (or switching them for blinds), having less in your most frequently used spaces, and utilising mirrors to maximise light. Freeing up spaces give your home a feel-good flow, and less clutter is said to have a positive impact on the mind too.

Bring the outdoors in! Add greens and some floral botanical prints to achieve a more natural, luxury bedroom and living room aesthetic. White or muted coloured linens or bath pieces also provide a calming aesthetic addition and take a page out of the quaintness of a French countryside cottage.

Create a Focal Point and a Cohesive Overall Look

Adding random expensive items to your home may not necessarily give you the luxurious interior you want. It may even inadvertently give your home a tacky, confusing jumble of pieces that seem out of place.

Create a focal point, like a feature wall, a centre table, or a fireplace, and add some complementing and accent pieces to tie the look together seamlessly. Use rugs to tie together spaces and create natural room dividers in lieu of walls or partitions.

The key is balance and harmony. We suggest creating an interesting contrast wherever suitable, like mixing wood and metal, plains and prints, or various textures. For a more refined luxury, however, we recommend avoiding prints and patterns, which can age quickly and feel untrendy, whereas monochromatic styles have much more longevity.

Show Off Your Personality

A luxurious home is a home that tells a story. Try giving your home some character by making it an extension of your personality. Create a bed styling that’s unmistakably yours. Love the beach? You can opt for coastal-themed sheets or pillows.

Bed Styling with Cushions

A fan of gilded classics? You may choose imperial Greek-themed quilt covers or softly quilted bedding to be immersed in a luxurious feel.

Classic Gold Bedroom

Advocating for sustainable eco-friendly home decor also says a lot about your flair for cultivated beauty that’s mindful and admirable. There’s always a way you can add a part of yourself to your home. Even your quirky side! A quaint piece like this glass knot decor can make for an eclectic paperweight, or this Bohemian-inspired wall hanging can show your appreciation for hand-woven crafts.

Reward Yourself With Luxury

Reaching a luxurious feel in your bedroom is easier than you think! Invest in hotel-quality bedding to instantly add an air of luxury. If you’ve just moved out of the home or bought yourself a brand new bed, start with our hotel suite bed starter bundle. It's the foundation of a good night's sleep and an excellent starting investment in your sleep comfort. Add a few decorative touches with velvet cushions and a cosy throw for the ultimate luxurious feel. Now you can enjoy your own five-star hotel experience in the comfort of your own home!

Luxury is an experience, not a price tag. It’s about picking or tweaking pieces that gracefully work for you and your home. You can make your home luxurious in a way that exquisitely promotes your happiness and well-being. As Coco Chanel famously says, “Luxury must be comfortable; otherwise, it is not luxury.”