5 Reasons You Should Invest in European Pillows


28th February 2023

Do you sleep on a European pillow? Although it’s something that you can definitely do, this type of pillow is primarily for decoration, and sits behind the standard pillows that people sleep on. Nevertheless, they’re a valuable addition to the bedroom.

Let’s dive into the benefits of European pillows and the ideal European pillow size for you.

How a European Pillow Elevates Your Sleep Experience

Before anything else, let’s define what a European pillow is for — it is essentially a (traditionally square) decorative pillow that rests in front or behind the actual pillows that you sleep on. You can dress it up in various different pillowcases to match your beddings and add a touch of sophistication to your overall bedroom decor.

Now, how do European pillows affect your sleeping environment, and why are they a worthwhile investment?
Here are five reasons to consider:

European Pillows Improve Your Bedroom Aesthetics

European pillows are decorative by nature — you don’t need any other reason than the fact they can transform a plain and utilitarian room into a chic and cosy private space. And considering how most people spend at least 8 hours a day in bed every day, it’s essential to love your sleep environment and make it as comfortable as possible.


They Make Your Bed Look Taller

One of the most interesting things about euro pillows is that for something as seemingly small and simple, they can make a significant impact on your bedroom aesthetics. Their added layers contribute to a visual sense of height surrounding your bed, which is particularly useful if your bed does not have a headboard.

European Pillows Make Your Bed Feel More Comfortable

The visual aspects of a European pillow are undeniable. However, we also can’t deny that the decorative pillow is just as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. You can prop it up against the headboard for back support when you’re sitting up in bed to watch TV, read a book or indulge in a cup of tea. Plus, you have more pillows to hug at night.

They are Good For Body Support and For Cushioning Your Joints

You can use European pillows to support your back when sitting in bed. They are also suitable for cushioning your joints while lounging in your bedroom. Some find European pillows are also great for propping up your feet in bed, or popping underneath your knees to give your lower back more support.

European Pillows Make Your Bedroom Look and Feel More Luxurious

While many people can live with just two pillows, it might help to have more. Of course, you need a pillow for head and neck support. You might need another one between your knees for body alignment. It doesn’t hurt to have side support, too. European pillows can serve that purpose without making it look like your bed is drowning in pillows.


What You Should Look For in a European Pillow

The best thing about European pillows is that you can style them any way you want to. You can get a variety of pillow coverings to match your bedding or to serve as a design accent. But if there’s one thing you must consider, it’s the European pillow size.

A European pillow is typically 26” x 26”. You want to make sure they fit within your bed without seeming like too much. People with king or superking bed often find they can fit 3x European pillows across comfortably.

Ready to elevate your bedroom aesthetics and improve your sleep experience? Shop European pillows today at Manchester Warehouse.