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European Pillows

What is a European pillow?

European pillows, or euro pillows/shams, are small to large square or rectangular pillows that dress up a bed. They usually sit behind or in front of the regular bed pillows that are slept on. These European pillows are often covered with decorative pillow cases that fit your bed and bedroom’s theme. A European pillow adds a lot of class and sophistication to your bedroom’s décor.


A little style on the bed goes a long way for the bedroom, and a great place to start is with European pillows. At Manchester Warehouse, we carry various shapes and sizes of top quality European pillows for all your decorative needs.

What is a European pillow size in Australia?

In Australia, the standard size for a European pillow is 65cm X 65cm. Prop it behind your standard pillows with other European pillows of different sizes to create a decorative and dimensional aesthetic. Other pillows can be 51cm X 76cm (Queen pillows) or 51cm X 92cm (King pillows).

Do I need European pillows?

If you want to boost your bedroom décor, then you can never have too many European pillows. For Queen beds, 4-6 European pillows work great. For King beds, 6-8 European pillows can be added, so you may need some if your bed is already lacking in décor. Even if your preferences in taste are simple, your European pillow covers can also be simple, like solid colours. The main element of its aesthetic is in its added dimension, and of course, added coziness. At Manchester Warehouse, we carry a wide selection of high-quality European pillows to transform your bed with. Try our fine premium European pillow or our hygiene-targeted European Pillow