Bedding Colour Forecast 2023: Bold, Neutral, and Natural


6th February 2023

If you're looking to spruce things up in your bedroom or simply want to let your creativity flow and improve your sleep, the new year is the perfect opportunity to do so.

According to design experts, there are three main bedding colour trends in 2023: bold and unconventional colour combinations, neutral bedrooms with a pop of colour, and earthy hues.

Read on for some ideas to integrate trending colour palettes of 2023 into your bedding choices.

Bold, Rich Hues and Unexpected Combinations

The master bedroom is the perfect place to go all out and create a luxurious, high-end vibe. Try a colour palette that combines bold and rich hues with unexpected warm metallic accents, like burgundy, royal blue, or deep purple combined with a touch of warm gold or copper.

Royal blue and burgundy are stunning colours, but they are quite common in bedrooms. For a fresh take, try a lush forest green comforter layered with a golden duvet cover topped with green and gold pillowcases.

Here are some super king size bed sheets to help revamp your bedroom with 2023 colour trends:


Neutrals with a Pop of Color

Using fuchsia, orange, or yellow as accent colours is a great way to inject some life into a neutral bedroom in 2023. When combined with neutral tones like grey or beige, these warm accents produce a pleasing contrast that brightens the space and makes it look more playful and inviting.

Earthy and Natural

Natural, earthy tones are 2023 trends as well. Colours inspired by nature, such as terracotta, olive green, and mustard yellow, can create a calm and serene atmosphere.

You can easily incorporate these tones into any design scheme. Add some texture with woven pillows or a crocheted blanket to take your neutral bedroom style up a notch.

Textures and Patterns

If you want to take your bedding combination to the next level in 2023, try experimenting with different textures and patterns. Quilted blankets, pillow coverings with embroidery, textured super king bed sheets or fringes and tassels can add a new dimension to your space. Throw in some florals, stripes, or chequered patterns for good measure.

This is a simple way to make your bedding appear more personal and unique.

Classic White

If you have a bold and colourful bedroom and are ready for a change, white bedding is a timeless and traditional option that will never go out of style. It has a fresh, clean aesthetic that works well with a wide range of colour palettes, patterns, and design styles (modern, contemporary, farmhouse, you name it).

Additionally, 2023 is predicted to see a rise in the popularity of white bedding with a particular emphasis on textural contrasting. Integrating natural materials like wood, stone, and plants in the bedroom produces a cosy, earthy atmosphere while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic that keeps the space airy and comfortable.

If you want to add a pop of colour, white bedding with accents of vibrant hues like pink, blue, and yellow can give the room a cheerful, fresh look without being too excessive.

Here are some traditional white super king bed sheets to add some aesthetic appeal to your space:



The 2023 bedding colour trends are all about trying new things, whether by using bright colours or mixing and matching textures and patterns. This is the year to give your bedroom a facelift with a new colour scheme, whether you're a fan of neutral tones or want to experiment with bold, bright colours and metallic accents.