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Super King Bed Sheets

What is a super king sheet?

A super king sheet shouldn't be confused with a flat sheet. A flat sheet is a flat, simple fabric that lies flat on the bed's surface, while fitted sheets feature elasticized corners that pull around the edges of a mattress for a snug fit. This protects the expensive mattress against common wear and tears, such as sweat, rips, and liquids. A super king sheet is meant for a super king bed.


Super King Sheets give your super king bed the comfort and protection it needs to supply you with quality sleep. Designed with premium materials for lasting durability, our sheets offer the best supportive base beneath your other bed coverings.

What size is a super king fitted sheet?

A super king fitted sheet typically has a size of 204 x 204 + 40cm in Australia.

What is the difference between King and Super King sheets?

King and Super King sheets vary in size. Super king sheets are larger, with king size being 182 x 203 + 40cm (fitted) and 285 x 274cm (flat).

Can I use a super king fitted sheet on a king bed?

A fitted sheet should be fitted, as its name suggests. This means it should fit snugly around the bed with no loose parts. To achieve these, you need to choose the appropriate size that corresponds with the size of your mattress. A super king fitted sheet should be used on a super king bed, and a king fitted sheet on a king bed. Once correctly put on, it should be flat and smooth with no wrinkles. It should also be secure, so it doesn't fall off during sleep, along with your flat sheets. Once it needs a clean, it can be easily removed for washing.