How to Shop Online With Us.

What is online shopping?

Online shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing consumers to purchase products and services from the comfort of their own homes. It involves using the internet to browse and select items, make payments, and have the products delivered directly to your doorstep.


Why should you shop online?

Shopping online offers numerous advantages over traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Firstly, it provides convenience, as you can shop anytime and anywhere without the need to travel. You can even do it straight from the comfort of bed! Additionally, online shopping often offers a wider selection of products, competitive prices, and the ability to compare different options easily.


How to get started with online shopping with us?

If you're new to online shopping or only have limited experience, here are some simple steps to help you get started.

Jump to a step by clicking on the links below:

Step 1: Learn how to navigate to what you need.
Step 2: Learn to use our filters.
Step 3: Browse and select products
Step 4: Add to cart and checkout
Step 5: Create an account.


Step 1: Learn how to navigate to what you need.

If you're looking for a particular item, for example, a blanket, it's important to know how to navigate an e-commerce website to find the item you're looking for.

There are several ways to do this, but the two easiest and quickest ways are:

  • Use our search bar to type in the item and click enter. In this example, it would be "blanket".
  • Use our main navigation menu, which sits at the top of every page. For this example, we would hover over "bed" and click on "blankets" in the menu that appears. This takes us through to our entire collection of blankets available for purchase.


Step 2: Learn to use our filters.

Filters are a big part of effective online shopping. They are how you can refine your search for the perfect product.

Once you have navigated to any of our collection pages, you should notice that a row of grey buttons sits above the displayed products available. These are our filters. Choose how you would like to refine your search and make your selection. For this example, we will refine our search by looking for green, linen quilt covers.

  • First we navigate to the quilt covers collection page, then we scroll down until we can see the filters.
  • Then we drop down the colour filter, select green, and watch the page refresh itself.
  • Next we drop down the composition filter, select linen, and watch the page refresh itself.
  • Finally we click any white space on the page to close the last filter we clicked and scroll down to review the refined search. Voila! We can now see all available green linen quilt covers.


Step 3: Browse and select products

Once you've navigated to a collection page, you can start browsing the online store's catalogue. Use the search bar or browse through different categories to find the products you need. Take your time to read product descriptions, specifications, and customer reviews to make an informed decision.

Reading through a product page can sometimes be overwhelming. Let's break it down into the key areas to look at on our site & where all the most important information lies.

  • First, click through to the product you'd like to know more about. You can access products via any collection page on our site. In the example below, we're on the sheets collection page, and we have clicked through to our Bamboo Eco Sheet Set Range in White.
  • Once on a product page, there is some key information to see on the right side of the page. Take note of the things we have highlighted in the image below:
    • The product name or title
    • The product price & any offer it might have
    • The colour options it is available in, of which we can see white is currently selected
    • The information regarding what is included in the product. This information is dynamic, meaning it changes according to the size option that gets selected. 
  • After you've taken note of these important factors, you can examine the product images for further details. Hover over the image to provide a closer look, or click through the other images available.
  • Once you've finished looking at the images, you can learn more about the product by scrolling down. On the right, you'll see all the different size options available for purchase, including the price per size. On the left, you'll see a small description of the product.
  • Once you've finished looking at the images, you can learn more about the product by scrolling down. On the right, you'll see all the different size options available for purchase, including the price per size. On the left, you'll see a small description of the product.
  • If you scroll even further, you'll see other products that belong to the same range, which are typically complimenting accessories. Below that is the composition information & care instructions for the product. Further down are reviews, other similar products, and recently viewed products.


Step 4: Add to cart and checkout

When you find a product you want to purchase, select your preferred colour & size option before clicking on the "Add to Cart" button. You can continue shopping and add more items to your cart, or proceed straight to checkout to place your order. At the checkout page, review your order, select the desired shipping method, and enter your payment information.

Below is a short clip showing the selection of a colour, size, and adding the product to cart, then navigating to the checkout.



Once you've made it to the checkout page, just input all your relevant information, such as name, email, shipping address & billing address. There are multiple payment methods to choose from, including Visa/Mastercard, PayPal & Afterpay.

Once payment has been submitted, you should receive a confirmation email within 5 minutes, confirming the order has been placed.


Step 5: Create an account.

Some online stores require you to create an account before making a purchase. This involves providing your personal information, such as your name, email address, and shipping address. Make sure to choose a strong password to protect your account.

We don't require the creation of an account to place an order, but it can make shopping with us next time easier & quicker. You can also view your previous orders via your account page if need be.




Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having trouble shopping online with your website. Can you help?

Yes, we certainly can! Our customer service team is available Monday - Friday, between 9:00am - 4:00pm and can walk you through online shopping or place an order for you over the phone. If you're stuck on something small, such as you're not sure what size you need or which product might be right for you, you can reach us via our online chat at anytime and our staff will get back to you ASAP.

Is online shopping safe?

Yes, online shopping can be safe if you take certain precautions. Stick to reputable online stores, ensure the website has secure payment options (look for the lock symbol in the address bar), and avoid sharing sensitive information through unsecured channels. It's also a good idea to keep track of your purchases and check your credit card statements regularly for any unauthorized charges.

Shopping online can be a convenient and enjoyable experience, especially when you know how to navigate the process. By following these steps and staying vigilant, you can shop online with confidence and discover the many benefits it has to offer.

What are my rights when I buy online from an Australian business?

When you buy online from an Australian business, you have the same rights as when you buy from a physical store. This means that the products or services you buy must be of acceptable quality, fit for purpose, match the description, and come with guarantees and warranties. You also have the right to cancel your order and get a refund if the delivery is delayed or the product is out of stock.

How can I protect myself from online shopping scams?

Online shopping scams can involve fake websites, fake products, fake reviews, or fake payment methods. To avoid online shopping scams, you should always check the reputation and contact details of the online seller, read the terms and conditions carefully, use secure payment methods, and keep records of your transactions. You should also be wary of offers that seem too good to be true, such as extremely low prices, or free gifts.

What should I do if I have a problem with my online purchase?

If you have a problem with your online purchase, such as receiving a faulty, damaged, or incorrect product, or not receiving your product at all, you should first contact us and try to resolve the issue directly. You can ask for a repair, replacement, or refund, depending on the situation. We make every effort to ensure you are happy with our services and products, and we always recommend our customers read through our return and shipping policies prior to placing an order.

How can I find the best deals and discounts when shopping online with you?

There are many ways to find our best deals, but the easiest method is to navigate to our sale & clearance collections. At the top of every page, you should be able to access our navigation menu, which has links to our sale and clearance collection pages. We also show any current sales or discount codes on our homepage, which you can navigate to by clicking our logo image at the top of the page. We also recommend subscribing to our weekly emails to stay in the loop on our best deals, new products, and sale events. 

To sign up to our email database, simply scroll to the bottom of any page on our website and fill in the sign-up form that sits in our footer, as shown below.