How to Prepare Your Home for Easter


14th April 2022

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We love a long weekend - and even more than that, we love celebrating the Easter long weekend with family and friends. If you're getting ready to host a family Easter brunch or you're looking for new ways to get kids excited for Easter this year, we've got you covered with our guide to all things Easter!

1. How to Style Your Easter Table Decor: Identify a Colour Palette

Everyone wants an Instagram-worthy table to snap a photo of during this weekend's festivities, and the key to that is planning out your theme in advance. Whether you prefer minimalist Easter decor or a full-fledged Easter/spring theme for your Easter table decor, we can help you curate your style.

Whites & Neutrals

If you're only having some friends over or want a more bespoke look for your Sunday Easter brunch, we recommend keeping it simple with white linens and pops of neutral tones like beige and sand. To create this look, we recommend pairing the below items together and then using some dried flower arrangments, faux pampas grass bouquets or brown shredded paper littered with eucalyptus garlands and golden easter eggs for a table centerpiece.

Modi 38cm Round Placemat Natural

Modi 38cm Round Placemat Natural

Nimes Linen 33x43cm Placemat White

French Linen 45x45cm 2 Piece Napkin Set Pebble

Eco Recycled Tea Towel 2 Pack Natural

You can take this look through to your bedroom as well effortlessly with some of our matching bed linen styles:

Alistair Quilt Cover Set Range White

Wellington Quilt Cover Set Range Oatmeal

Macauley 800THC Cotton Sateen Sheet Set Range White

Autumnal Easter Palette

If you prefer to have a little more colour in your home, introduce the colours of the season to your dining and living room areas. A soft, rose tone and a darker, earthy brown are the perfect combination, evoking a moodier take on the traditional colours of Easter. For variation, mix in with pops of white and even khaki or sage green. Dried baby's breath and gold-toned cutlery will add a touch of elegance to your table.

French Linen 150x275cm Tablecloth Hazel

Arlette Cotton Apron

Scented Offerings Deluxe Hamper Love

French Linen 33x45cm Placemat Tea Rose

French Linen 45x45cm 2 Piece Napkin Set Hazel

To bring this colour palette into your bedroom and bathroom, shop these items:

Oceania Quilt Cover Set Range Cinnamon

Stanton Quilt Cover Set Range

Isola Quilt Cover Set Range Mustard

Black, white & everything in between

For those that love a bold pop of colour, go simple with a grey or black table cloth to serve as a backdrop for all the brilliant foil colours that Easter eggs come in! We recommend a palette of pink, green, blue and yellow for a traditional look.

Plait 38cm Round Placemat Magnet

Base Linen Look Cotton Tablecloth Range White

French Linen 35x180cm Table Runner Charcoal

French Linen 45x45cm 2 Piece Napkin Set Ivory

To take a black and white look through to your bedroom, have a look at these styles:

Anya Quilt Cover Set Range White

Silk Sleep Eye Mask Blush

Julieta Quilt Cover Set Range Pearl

Heath Quilt Cover Set Range Black

2. Have the right Easter home items for your living spaces

Decorative pieces in the home are like the final bits of frosting on the cake. They add an air of opulence and can refine your aesthetic, or even tie your whole style together.

Adley 48x48cm Filled Cushion Eucalyptus

Indiana Vase Range Fern

Frida 50x50cm Filled Cushion Olive

Over The Rainbow 32x40cm Wall Hanging Sky

Rigby 130x200cm Throw Rug Olive

3. Create a Haven with Home Fragrance

Despite being in the southern hemisphere, we can still celebrate Easter with a spring scent in the air. Try out some of our home fragrance items, like scented candles, reed diffusers and more! Here are a couple of scents we love:

Alchemy Luxe Hamper Black Amber with Rosewood and Cedar

Celebration Grand Candle 900g White Musk and Warm Vanilla

Reed Diffuser 200ml Blossom and White Musk

Scented Offerings 400gm Candle Gratitude

Scented Offerings 400gm Candle Gratitude

Room Spray 110ml Guava and Lychee Sorbet

Plus, How to Keep Your Kids Entertained This Easter!

1. Make bunny footprints for your indoor Easter egg hunt

This is a great way to excite your little ones this Easter and an easy way of making their Easter experience that extra bit special. All you need is the following items:

  • bottle of baby powder or talcum powder
  • a flat tray
  • 2x cheap sponges
  • a pair of scissors
  • glue
  • a bowl of water
  • a 10cm x 10cm piece of cardboard or plywood

You'll want to start by cutting up the sponges into paw print pieces, and you can either print the image below for reference or freehand it. You'll need a bigger shape for the main pad of the foot, followed by 3x circles for the toes. From there it's simply a case of gluing the sponge pieces to your piece of cardboard or plywood to frame. Next, you'll want to pour out some of your powder onto the tray to prepare for printing! Spritz your newly made paw print stamp with some water to help the powder adhere better, and use a wet wipe or cloth to dampen the floor space where you want to apply the prints. Then go ahead a start stamping prints in a trail! Tip: for carpets, use a different method: Cut a stencil of the paw print shape you wish to use in a piece of cardboard and simply sprinkle the powder directly to create prints.

2. Pin the tail on the Easter bunny

A great spin on a classic take, is pin the tail on the Easter bunny! Simply grab a bunny print like this one, a blindfold, some blutack and a couple of fluffy pom poms from your local craft store and you're ready to go! This always makes for a fun activity for kids, and you can even adapt the game for adults with a set of darts.

3. Reverse role egg-hunt

This one is a great way to encourage kids to use their creativity! Instead of or as well as the traditional egg-hunt for kids, ask your kids to write down things they want on 10-15 slips of paper. This might be things like "ice cream for dinner" or "an extra 10 minutes of TV". Then slip them inside some eggs and ask the kids to hide them all around the house or garden. Whichever eggs the parents don't find are then wishes that must be granted!

4. Cute gift options for kids this Easter

Novelty Filled Cushion Buddy Dress Up White

Bubblegum 101x127cm Hooded Blanket Pink

Novelty Filled Cushion Fairy Bunny Brown

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