Armidayle Classic Weave Sheets – for the traditional Actil First Line customer


25th March 2022

If you’re a fan of the Actil First Line range of sheets, then you’ll LOVE our Armidayle Classic Weave cotton sheets!

Are these sheets the right kind  for you? When we take a good, long look at our Amidayle Classic Weave sheet range, it becomes clear that they aren’t for everyone.

 As a 100% cotton sheet, it is made using a loose, plain, weave, which is renowned for its classic, crisp feel. This means that this set appeals most to those of us who prefer a more traditional cotton texture.


Actil First Line Design - The Original Hotel Sheet

A Heavy Weight Sheet Staple For Many Bed Linen Enthusiasts

If you have previously bought the Actil First Line range of sheets and loved them, then our Armidayle Classic Weave will be a perfect match for you. That’s because you understand and prefer the natural characteristics of a traditionally woven, heavy, crisp cotton sheet.

As a cotton customer that appreciates authentic, pure-cotton fabric, you’re not looking for a percale or sateen weave, preferring the matte look and natural texture of cotton that comes through in a plain weave. If you identify as a classic weave customer, you know that the thread count is irrelevant, as this sheet style is all about a heavier weight and crisp texture. 


Providing That Authentic Cotton Customer Experience

True to its organic fibre origins, our Cotton Classic Weave sheets don’t come out of the wash wrinkle-free! As a more heavily weighted sheet compared to a close-weave percale, people that prefer this style to sleep in often don’t mind the wrinkly nature and are prepared to iron them for that crisp, clean look on the bed.

Classic Weave 185GSM Cotton Sheet Set Range White

Armidayle Classic Weave 185GSM Cotton Sheet Set Range White

Classic Weave 185GSM Cotton Fitted Sheet Range White

Armidayle Classic Weave 185GSM Cotton Fitted Sheet Range White 


The Armidayle Classic Weave - An Affordable Alternative To Actil Sheets That Loses Absolutely None Of The Value

Exactly what you’d find in luxury hotels in a bygone era, these sheets have a history of use proving their strength and durability. Many hotels that prefer traditional bedlinen options use a classic weave style for their sheets, and the customers that prefer this style tend to use them exclusively. For some, the feeling of sliding into a cocoon of crispness and weighted cotton is heavenly, and not even a linen fabric compares! 

With all the Durability and Strength of a Traditional Weave

Extremely generous in size, we engineer our Armidayle Classic Weave sheets with extra deep walls to ensure full-bed coverage, and so that no tug-o-war’s ensue!  Our flat sheets are also oversized to allow for shrinkage – again recognising the intrinsic qualities of a traditional cotton sheet. Being a classic weave, it is guaranteed not to pill and  is aimed at the customer who gravitates towards our heavier-weighted sheeting options, such as organic cotton, linen, and linen/cotton blended sheets.

Classic Weave 185GSM Cotton Standard Pillowcase Pair White


Armidayle Classic Weave 185GSM Cotton Standard Pillowcase Pair White

The Perfect Range, Just For You

If you prefer traditional bedding, we recommend choosing our Armidayle Classic Weave style, whether you're looking for new pillowcases, a fitted sheet set, or a whole bed sheet set. With the same characteristics as Actil’s First Line sheets, which have stood the test of time, our Armidayle Classic Weave range is a perfect choice at an affordable price.

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Come into our Kogarah store today to talk to our staff about our different sheeting options, and feel the Cotton Classic Weave Sheet Set for yourself! 

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