Selecting the Right Size Quilt


28th September 2022

When buying a new quilt, the size is often considered as an afterthought. We’re here to why it can be important to think of it first, as we believe in customising your bed to suit your sleeping style is important.

The standard quilt size in Australia differs from other countries, so we always recommend checking the metric dimensions. In addition to choosing which type of quilt you want (like wool fill or cotton fill etc.), make sure you know what size you are buying since size also affects the selection of quilt.

Upsizing your quilt has the following benefits:

- Having a large quilt on a bed is aesthetically pleasing, giving the bed a fuller, fluffier look.
- It makes the bed feel luxurious, with added quilt length on the sides and ends.
- Larger quilts are generally warmer as you have more material to bundle up within.


How big is your mattress?

1. Use a single quilt on a single bed mattress:

A single bed is recommended based on the mattress height and whether or not a mattress topper is used. However, you may opt for a double quilt if you prefer added luxury. The standard dimensions of a single bed quilt are 140x210cm.

2. Use a double quilt for a single king-size mattress:

The only option is a double bed quilt, as most makers don't offer a tailored single king-size quilt. Hence a double quilt is a suitable size for king-size beds. People try singles, but single quilts don’t cover the mattress adequately. The standard dimensions of a double bed quilt are 180x210cm.

3. A queen quilt would be a good upgrade for a double bed mattress:

A double bed with a double quilt is a great choice when only one person sleeps on it. On the other hand, a queen-size quilt provides relatively better coverage and gives the bed a luxurious look., particularly if it is shared with a partner or friend. The standard dimensions of a double bed quilt are 180x210cm, whereas the dimensions of a queen-size quilt are 210x210cm.

4. Get a king-sized quilt for a mattress of queen size.

A queen-size quilt is usually sufficient for mattresses up to 30cm in height. But nowadays, mattresses come with additional layers like a pillow-topped mattress, which increases the top of the mattress up to 40cm+. So using a king-size quilt to cover a larger bed is better. Don’t forget that any protectors or toppers you add yourself can also add even height to the bed. Standard Queen-size quilts measure 210x210, whereas the dimensions of a king-size quilt are 245x210cm.


5. A super king-size quilt will be better if your mattress is king-sized.

You can choose a super king-size quilt if it is too tiny for a high mattress. Upsizing involves a few things to consider. When you upgrade from King to Super King, the quilt's length and width increase by 30cm (around 15cm on each side). The dimensions of a king-size quilt are 245x210, whereas the dimensions of a super king-size quilt are 270x210cm.

6. Super king-size quilts are perfect for a super king mattress.

Down quilts or quilts with medium fillings are commonly purchased for super king mattresses, as they are warm without being weighty, like wool or synthetic fibres. Because super king quilts are so large if they are also weighty it can be difficult for one person to change the quilt cover over. Therefore, we recommend getting not getting a heavy quilt unless you like an added load. These sizes can be found in our wool quilts and white goose down quilts ranges.

We also stock in a kids quilt option, which is machine washable and comes in single, double and queen sizes: