Wool Quilt

What is a wool quilt?

A wool doona is one made of wool - a natural fibre sourced from sheep. The wool is transformed into a breathable, warm quilt that comes in many variations - with different weights covering seasonal changes and various climates. They are a typically heavier quilt that many find more comfortable to sleep under. Their anti-allergy design and easy maintenance also make them a popular choice among our customers as year-round bedding.

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Wool quilts.

As one of the most popular bedding choices, our Wool Quilts Australia will have you cosied up in bed for a well-rested sleep any day of the year.

Is wool warmer than down?

Down is widely considered the warmest bedding in cold weather. However, the advantage wool has over down is its water resistance and thermo-regulation, so it can keep you warm during cool weather and cool during warm weather. Down, on the other hand, is very insulating and "traps" the heat, so those who struggle with too much warmth may find wool a better choice. A woolen doona can also dry faster than down, and with its heavier weight, the comfort level varies slightly.

How do you choose a wool doona?

When choosing a wool quilt, the first thing you want to look for is one of premium quality that doesn't use synthetic fibres. Manchester Warehouse sources only high-quality Australian wool quilt that use genuine wool fibres for the best comfort and warmth. Next, you need to find a suitably sized woolen doona that matches the dimensions of your bed. And finally, a style to compliment the theme of your bedroom/house - our variety of different designs makes it easy for you! Browse our full collection of quilt or doona for more options.