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What are aprons used for?

When it comes to cooking, you are bound to get messy, especially with challenging recipes. Aprons are comfortable garments that go over your clothing to protect your body and clothes from food, oil, spills, and more. They create a barrier to prevent these substances from staining your clothes and can be used to wipe your hands during cooking. Many aprons also come with a front pocket for easy access to your oven mitts, spoon, pens, kitchen towels, and more.


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How to choose the best aprons material for me?

Aprons come in many different fabric types, such as cotton, leather, and polyester. Some are better suited to particular cooking routines than others - for example, leather is ideal for excellent protection against burns and mild chemicals, while rubber/nylon is recommended for working with liquids. Cotton is the most common and affordable choice, perfect for baking with dry ingredients and is well-suited to all lifestyles. We stock aprons online with a recycled polyester and cotton blend as well as 100% cotton aprons in a selection of lovely designs to suit your preferences.

How often should I wash my aprons?

You should wash your apron after each use, especially if it becomes dirty from cooking, but the frequency may depend on your cooking habits. If you maintain a good cleaning schedule, you can prevent stains and discolouration. Washing your apron will clean away the grime, food marks, liquid spills, sweat, and more. We recommend a cold machine wash on a normal spin with similar colours followed by line drying in the shade. Avoid bleaching, tumble drying, and dry cleaning at all times.