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Ardor Home Cotton Blankets

How to choose the best Ardor Home Cotton Blankets for me?

Whether it's to layer on the bed, accent an armchair, drape across a sofa, or give as a gift to a friend - the Ardor Home Cotton Blankets won't do you wrong. The luxurious, premium-made designs of these blankets will bring a pleasant aesthetic and cozy feeling to the bedroom or living room, with each design made with premium cotton. The Ardor Home Cotton Blankets are handwoven and come in several colourways, such as coconut milk-white and charcoal grey, which are equally beautiful and versatile. With a standard weight of 400 GSM, they also suit many preferences, especially during warmer weather, to prevent overheating or discomfort. Our Cotton Blankets collection has plenty more to offer if you need more inspiration.


Every home needs a cotton blanket or two for comfort and warmth, and their subtle decorative aspect that makes a home feel totally complete.

What are other Ardor Home products available at Manchester Warehouse?

Ardor Home invites you to try out their other products that we also stock at Manchester Warehouse to match your Ardor Home cotton blankets. Sheets, fitted sheets, quilt cover sets, weighted blankets, foot pocket blankets, and beach towels - such a large variety makes it easy to create a cohesive, branded theme within your home, especially the bedroom and living room. You can combine many of these items together - such as the quilt covers, sheets, and blankets - in one setting for a gorgeous display and unbeatable comfort.