Cotton Blankets

Are cotton blankets good?

A timeless choice, cotton blankets invite you to delight in their warmth, softness, breathability, and lightweight comfort. They are an excellent choice for blankets due to their outstanding durability after repeated washes and all-year-round application, whether it be in bed or keeping warm on the sofa. Their soft texture and breathable design will have you feeling incomparable comfort in no time, not to mention they are a breeze to keep clean. If you are interested in other fabrics, such as heavier or thicker designs, we recommend browsing our full Blankets collection.

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Cotton blankets.

Manchester Warehouse offers the most premium, soft, and luxurious Cotton Blankets Australia for all-year-round comfort and optimal sleep. This cotton blankets collection comes from various brands like Bianca cotton blankets, Ardor Home cotton blankets, Jason and Private Collections.

Do cotton blankets keep you warm?

As a longtime favourite for keeping warm during the cold, the entire world knows just how incredible a cotton blanket is when used for insulation and warmth. Their natural fibre composition is extremely absorbent, soaking up your body heat and sealing it inside to keep you cosy and snug. In particular, cotton waffle blankets are a preferred choice regardless of the season, as their waffle weave design helps you to regulate body heat in both cool and warm weather. Don't forget to browse our cotton collection to complete your room!

Are cotton blankets good for summer?

You can easily use a cotton blanket during summer thanks to its breathable design and lightweight, which qualifies them for use in both summer and winter. In fact, many decide to use 100% cotton blankets and cotton waffle blankets in Australia during summer because of their excellent airflow and ability to wick away moisture, which will help prevent that sticky, clammy feeling and give you a good night's rest.

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