Baby Mattress and Pillow Protectors

Are mattress and pillow protectors safe for babies?

Protectors can certainly be safe for babies if chosen and cared for correctly. They should be kept as clean as possible. Manchester Warehouse's cot mattress protector and pillow protectors are designed to be safe for your baby and act as a barrier, helping it to remain a clean, safe, and comfortable space for your child. This is useful for nappy leaks, baby dribbles, and more. Always keep in mind that it should only ever be placed below your baby's chest level so that if there is plastic in the protector, it does not prevent airflow.

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Mattress and pillow protectors for baby.

Prevent the occasional accident and various forms of bacteria from deteriorating your child's mattress or pillow with our premium Baby Mattress and Pillow Protectors.

Are waterproof mattress and pillow protector safe for babies?

Protecting a baby’s bed is not just about being able to keep it clean. It is mainly about keeping the baby safe. If a baby urinates during the night, then it is going to be a nightmare to clean it all up if the mattress is not waterproof. I would recommend that you protect your child’s mattress with a waterproof cot mattress protector. It will be a lot easier to keep it clean, and the baby will be protected from urine.

When should I replace my bassinet mattress?

The amount of time that passes before you need to replace your bassinet mattress and pillow protector will typically depend on the growth rate of your child and how dirty the protector becomes over a certain period. Babies grow fast, so when the time comes, and they grow out of a bassinet after 4-6 months, you will need to change to a larger protector that fits the bed appropriately. Browse our full range of mattress protector and pillow protector for more options.