Bambury Cushions

How do I choose the best Bambury Cushions for me?

Bambury cushions certainly express a textural aesthetic with their stunning and thoughtful designs. From the filled cushion with the tassel corners to the artistic Blossom cushion or timeless Elliot cushion, there's a style for everyone and every home decor scheme. You can opt for a timeless trend, such as Elliot, Checker, or the simple Avoca design. If you prefer a more creative display, we recommend the Blossom, abstract Barwon, or Eradu styles with eccentric and artful expressions. Luxurious or vintage interiors may prefer the Faux Fur or Channel cushions. Many of these designs feature a textural element that contributes to their soft and cosy experience, whether it be for a quick nap on the sofa or to create a backrest. Not sure about the styles here? 

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Bambury cushions.

Bambury Cushions bring a variety of choices to decorate the living room or bedroom with both vintage and contemporary, sophisticated styles, adding a comfortable and decorative element to the space.

What are other Bambury products available at Manchester Warehouse?

While the Bambury Cushions are a delight to browse all day, we also stock a variety of their other products, which includes throw rugs, quilt cover sets, hot water bottles, beach towels, tablecloths, sheet sets, coverlets, hair wraps, microfibre sports towels, bath mats, quilt protectors, tote bags, shower curtains, electric blankets, bathrobes, and more to enjoy a more premium lifestyle. If these products also interest you, we recommend going to the Bambury Brand page to view their entire collection.