If you are looking for high-quality cushions and quilt cover sets that still fit your budget, Bambury is a perfect choice. With gorgeous and unique weaving patterns, Bambury styles are more than on-trend; they set trends. At Manchester Warehouse, you can find a wide array of their best styles and designs for filled cushions, throw rugs, quilt cover sets, and more.

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Bambury brand range.

What are Bambury products available at Manchester Warehouse?

At Manchester Warehouse, we carry all the latest; most loved Bambury designs in our collection.

Bambury Cushions

Create your coziest corner with Bambury cushions. At Manchester Warehouse, you have so many different textures, sizes, designs, and colours to choose from, and you will find almost all of your favourite neutral tones, like olive green, burgundy, or natural nude. If you want to add something neutral that still pops with your bedding, this textured olive green filled cushion makes a bold statement. If you are looking for something simpler in design you can check all bambury cushions collection..

Bambury Quilt Cover Sets

Sleep better with high-quality Bambury quilt cover sets. Our collection of Bambury’s finest quilt covers in linen and cotton make for a peaceful night’s sleep. For our linen collection, the French Linen Quilt Cover Set is woven from authentic French flax, resulting in a beautifully textured look with a wonderfully soft feel. Find it in a gorgeous olive colour or this warm hazelnut colour. From our cotton options, the Carey Quilt Cover Set is made from layers of the finest cotton, with an intricately woven pattern that adds texture to your bedding.

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