Bambury Towels

How do I choose the best Bambury towels for me?

Our Bambury Towel range encourages you to enjoy your bathtime and at-home pampering with comfort and relaxation. Their microfibre hair wraps, body wraps, and cleansing cloths feel incredible on the skin and can evoke the sensation of being at a spa. The high-quality microfibre material that Bambury towels use offers various benefits, including incredible moisture absorption, fast-drying, lightweight, and a remarkably soft texture. These qualities contribute to the best possible bathroom experience after your shower or bath, so you can wrap yourself up after a tough day on the job and finish the evening feeling content. These products come in a range of trendy colours and patterns to match your personal styles, such as lime green, orange, geometric styles, and minimalist tones like charcoal, stone, and wood rose.

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Premium bambury towels.

With their high-quality design and super-absorbent fabric, Bambury Towels create an atmosphere of luxury like no other with their premium designs and seasonal colour palettes.

What are other Bambury products available at Manchester Warehouse?

Bambury is a very well-known brand across Australia due to its great reputation, and as such, we also offer many of their other products at Manchester Warehouse in addition to Bambury towels. This includes their filled cushions, quilt cover sets, throw rugs, hot water bottles, plush blankets, beach towels, coverlet sets, tablecloths, bath mats, bathrobes, mattress protectors, tote bags, outdoor rugs, sheet sets, as well as standalone items like coverlets on their own. You can also take a look at our broad range of Bath Towels to find the perfect style and design that best suits you.