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What is a good size for a beach towel?

A good size for a beach towel can range from 60-100 x 120-180 cm. Manchester Warehouse carries a wide range in size, from as low as 60x120 cm to 100x180 cm. Our round towels are all 150cm in size, perfect for picnics too!

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Beach towels range.

Try something more updated in function and design if you need some new beach towels. We have all the latest trends for Australian beach towels at Australia’s Manchester Warehouse, even round beach towels for improved function. We have various sizes, from large beach towel to kids’ hooded beach towel and even beach towel poncho styles. Come in various styles, from simple stripes for men’s beach towel to beautiful botanical designs, geometric patterns, and bright colours for all girls out there!

What are the best beach towels?

The answer to this question will be different depending who you ask and what their needs are, so we have a range of different beach towels for sale to suit different preferences. 

Some of our recommendations for the best beach towels Australia online include:

What is the difference between a beach towel and a bath towel?

A beach towel is essential for beach and pool trips. A bath towel is specifically meant for use before and after a shower or bath. A beach towel is much thinner than a bath towel; this is so that it can dry faster as you’re using it at the beach or pool. A bath towel is thicker so that it can dry you off faster after a shower or bath. Both beach towels and bath towels are designed to dry you off, but people buy beach towels for a range of different purposes in addition to their drying ability. Beach towels are generally longer, designed so you can lie on them on the beach. Beach towels also typically have two different sides: the side that lies on the ground is designed not to get clogged up with sand like a terry bath towel would. Where bath towels tend to be subtle to match the surroundings of the bathroom, beach towels tend to be bright and expressive so you don’t lose yours in the crowd at the beach. Check out our full selection of gifts with many more options for more Christmas gift ideas.

How do I choose a beach towel?

All our beach towels Australia are designed with the highest quality, so it’s all a matter of your favourite design. First, determine your desired size and shape. For a truly unique round towel or beach poncho towel to stand you out from the beach crowd, try this Rainbow Round Beach Towel or this Smiley Sun Poncho Pal. For a beautifully bright and botanical towel, try this rectangular and symmetrical Mahana Beach Towel. Looking for more cool-toned beach towels? Try Sand Free Beach Towel that comes in various designs unlike any other you’ve seen. To complete your summer, check out our range of beach, totes and beachware.

What is the best beach towel material?

Beach towel material is an important element when choosing a beach towel. Every beach towel has some sort of fabric composition to it, some being better than others. The most common material is cotton. It is light and absorbs water, and holds it. Cotton based beach towels tend to be very durable and long-lasting. Polyester is a good material; however, it is heavier and not as breathable as cotton.