Sand Free Beach Towels

Do sand free beach towels work?

A sand free beach towel is designed specifically to prevent sand from accumulating in the fibres, therefore creating a hassle-free and mess-free experience. Nobody enjoys sand getting in their car, bag, or house, so these towels are exceptionally convenient for everyone. Many sand free towels can also be easily transported by folding them up and tucking them away in your beach bag or backpack. We have an entire collection dedicated to living that ultimate beach life - take a look at our Beach Towels range for more innovative, stylish, and convenient ideas!

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Sand free beach towels.

Make the most out of every beach trip without the headache of sandy messes with our clever Sand Free Towels Australias!

What are sand free towels made from?

All sand free beach towel designs are made using a specific type of microfibre. For example, the Onkaparinga Sand Free Towels in this range are made with microfibre polyester/polyamide. This material is incredibly lightweight and fine, preventing sand from building up inside of them. You can quickly shake your towel after leaving the beach, and the sand disappears! Simultaneously, these sand free towels are also very absorbent, so you can use them to dry off quickly after a swim, and they'll dry super fast afterwards as well for the next swim. They're also great for camping and other holiday trips!

How to wash your sand free towels?

You can wash your sand free towels after a beach trip using a cold hand or machine wash with a normal spin. We do not recommend bleaching, using fabric softener, ironing, or dry cleaning, as this may impact their functionality and durability. Always wash with similar colours and rinse them as soon as possible after use in pools.