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Bedroom Floor Rugs

Why do you need a bedroom floor rug?

While it isn't essential, a bedroom floor rug can significantly reinvent a bedroom's dynamic. They elevate the mood of the room while offering some practical convenience as well, such as a warm element for your feet, protecting your bedroom flooring from scratches, and limiting the amount of noise created from your flooring (depending on the type that you use). Bedroom floor rugs are appreciated more during winter when hard floors become cold and rigid, providing them with warmth and a softer expression instead.


Complement your bedroom with one of our beautiful Bedroom Floor Rugs, the perfect and stylish way to protect your flooring, bring colour to the setting and uplift the atmosphere.

How do I choose the best bedroom floor rugs for me?

Several unique bedroom floor rugs are available at Manchester Warehouse, so you might initially find it overwhelming to choose one. However, we suggest considering which style you'd like first - preferably to match the theme of your bedroom. We have children-appropriate designs by Linen House KIds as well as more contemporary and sophisticated styles by Vintage Design Homewares. If you are looking for different styles of rugs, browse our Floor Rugs and Mats collection for more!

How do I decorate my room with bedroom floor rugs?

First, start with what colour palette you will be using for the bedroom. You can create a contrast by selecting a bedroom floor rug with a bolder, vibrant look or allowing it to coexist naturally with the room's other elements with a more neutral colour, such as beige or grey. Place it beneath the bed, at the entrance of your bedroom, or in large, empty floor space to fill in the gaps. We definitely recommend putting the rug in a place where your feet will appreciate the most!