Body Pillowcases

What size pillowcase fits a body pillow?

To find a pillowcase size that matches your body pillow, look for listings that always mention a "body pillowcase" for the best outcome. You will typically find body pillowcases with a size of approximately 45cm x 152cm, though this can be slightly different among brands or designs.

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Premium body pillowcases.

Body Pillow Pillowcases will help keep your cosy body pillows safe from degrading factors while giving them a stylish, aesthetic look.

Do body pillows need cases?

We recommend covering every pillow, including body pillows, with a case. A body pillow pillowcase will help protect the pillow itself from sweat, dust, and more allergens that can potentially harm your skin health. It'll also help enhance the lifespan of your pillow, preventing your sweat, oil, saliva, and dead skin from damaging its integrity. Health factors aside, a case will also add some necessary style to the pillow, helping to match the colour and decor scheme of your bedroom. Check out Manchaster Warehouse's wide range pillowcases with various sizes.

How often should I wash my body pillow pillowcases?

While the body pillowcase will protect your body pillow, it's also important to take care of the pillowcase itself! Be sure to wash your body pillow pillowcases frequently to prevent a build-up of unhealthy bacteria and allergens, which can attract dust mites and other pests. We recommend at least every two weeks, but you may need to do it every week if the weather is hot, for example. You can wash them safely with your other bedding, such as sheets, while keeping their care requirements in mind, too.