While your pillow tends to stay the same, a pillow case is an opportunity for self expression, whether through a luxury silk floral pillowcase or a funky boho or geometric waffle texture. At Manchester Warehouse, our pillowcase sizes range from regal square European pillowcases and king pillowcases to a standard pillowcase size for a single or double bed and a kids pillow.

Shopping online gives you access to the best range, whether it’s velvet European pillowcases, classic velvet pillow cases or cosy flannelette pillowcases that are totally at home on both your super king size bed or a kids single bed in winter. Just like your quilt cover, pillowcases can have a quilted look, sport bold patterns or feature neutral tones. 

A European pillowcase pairs well with king pillowcases on a king or super king sized bed. We stock the range of king size pillowcases Australia likes best, with a variety of colours and textures. To style your daughter’s room, create a layering effect with multiple cushions on the bed that vary in texture, shape and size. Pair a pink European pillowcase or a linen European pillowcase with the satin pillowcase Australia loves best.

Like to keep things simple and elegant? Try satin pillowcases to add luxury to your bedroom haven. No matter your style vibe, you can create a feeling of nature and calm with linen pillowcases, European pillow covers and bedroom plants.

You can also check our range of cushionsquilts, doonasbed sheets and blankets to match your pillowcase designs.

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Choosing the perfect pillowcases for your bed.

Pillowcases can be one of the most fun parts of styling your bedding, available in a huge range of colours and sizes that allow you to create your ideal combination for a truly inviting bed. Your pillowcases need to look great, but they also need to be extremely comfortable, after all, your head is on a pillowcase for many hours every single night! With over 380 pillowcases listed on site, you’re sure to find the perfect pillowcases for you. Here’s what you need to consider when making your choice.



Pillowcases come in a variety of sizes to fit all the different sizes of pillows that are available. The standard pillowcase sizes include:

  • Standard pillowcases - Standard pillows are 48cm x 73cm
  • Queen size pillowcase - Queen size pillows are slightly larger than standard pillows, at 54cm x 80cm
  • King size pillowcase - King size pillows are the largest traditional pillows, measuring 44cm x 86cm
  • European pillowcases - Euro pillows are large square pillows measuring 65cm x 65cm. These are the pillows that go at the back of your collection of pillows, against the headboard or wall.
  • Body pillowcase or body pillow cover - The most common body pillow is long and straight, measuring approximately 40cm x 150cm.
  • Boomerang pillowcase - Boomerang pillows are also known as U shaped pillows or V shaped pillows.

Each pillow case supplier will have slightly different sizing for their pillowcases within a centimetre or two, but these are the standard sizes.

Sheet sets or quilt cover sets typically come with pillowcases that fit standard pillows, while other sizes can be bought individually. Normally a sheet or quilt cover set for a single or king single bed will come with one pillowcase while all other sizes come with two.

Most people will have a collection of different sized pillows, and mixing up the colours, patterns and textures of your pillowcases can create a stylish and inviting bed.



Pillow cases come in a range of different compositions, each of which offer various benefits. The best one for you will depend on your needs and preferences. The most common compositions of pillowcases include:

Cotton, linen, bamboo and silk are natural fibres which offer superior temperature regulation to keep you comfortable all night long. Polyester is a synthetic fibre which is extremely durable and available in a range of textures.

Silk pillowcases are a popular choice because they have a reputation for providing a range of health and beauty benefits: improving sleep, preventing tangling and frizzing of the hair, preventing wrinkles, and preserving a youthful complexion.


Colours and Styles

Pillowcases come in every colour imaginable. Some of the most popular colours we offer include:

Most pillowcases can be broken down into four main styles:

Pillowcases generally match back to your sheets and quilt covers, and often come in a sheet or quilt cover set. These are typically standard size pillowcases.

European pillowcases tend to be the part of your bed where you can have the most fun and enjoy some freedom of self-expression. They provide a great opportunity to introduce patterns, pops of colour or new textures that really complement your quilt cover. We have a range of cool pillowcases available for your European pillows that will add a whole lot of personality to your bed.

Standard, Queen and King size pillowcases are generally cuffed and piped for a polished look. They may also be finished with fringing, tailored or scalloped edges.

If you still like your bedding but you’re itching for something new, consider some fresh pillowcases. Given that they are so cheap pillowcases are a popular way to change up the feel of your bed without buying a whole new quilt cover set or bedspread.



What size pillows and pillowcases do hotels use?

Hotels generally use king sized pillows and pillowcases. A king sized pillow is a longer pillow of about 44cm x 86cm, offering a little more length and width for a luxurious feel.

How much bigger should a pillowcase be than a pillow?

A pillowcase only needs to be a centimetre or two bigger than your pillow. Generally when you’re shopping for a pillowcase you won’t need to worry about the specific dimensions, as pillowcases will say what size pillow they are designed for. It’s much easier to go by the size name rather than by the dimensions when looking for an appropriate pillowcase. If you have a queen size pillow, look for a queen size pillowcase, and if you have a European pillow, look for a European pillowcase.

What is the difference between a standard and a queen sized pillow and pillowcase?

The difference between standard pillowcases and queen size pillowcases is simply the sizing. A standard pillow is 48cm x 73cm while a queen pillow is 54cm x 80cm. The pillow and pillowcase will be the same, just a little longer and wider for the queen size pillow.

At Manchester Warehouse we stock a range of premium brands, such as Algodon, Bambury, Bianca, Davinci, Linen House, and Logan and Mason. We ship our pillowcases, throw blankets, flat sheet and Sheridan sheets Australia wide for one low price of $9.95.


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